Winners 2022 - 2nd Semester

Best Animation

The Cat The Mouse And The Sausage – By Joel Simon


Best Student Film

Friday Night Fish – By Conor Forrest


Best Tv & Web Series

Walking Shadows Vol. 1 – By Sally Mclean


Best Music Video

Fluctuating (Performed By Hannyta) – Directed By Jerry Housen


Best Short Screenplay
The Depths – By Kilian Seavers


Best Feature Screenplay

Nocturnal – By Peter Hardy


Best Photography

Belém Tower – By Luís Damas


Best Spanish Short Film

La Voz – By Carlos Arenal


Best French Short Film

Almost – By Paul-André Robin


Best Short Film

Nice Suicide – By Mike Baran


Best Documentary

Built Lands – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero


Best German Feature Film

The World Cruzer – By Yorick Niess


Best Feature Film

The Way – By Dastan Khalili


Special Jury Award


Fluffypunk – By Thomas Harman
Nut Cracker – By David Pinkston

Lower East Asides – By Steve Becker

Bloodline - Elisa's Story – By Michael Cooper

False Start – By Jk Jones

Fragile Kay – By Peter Gartner

Sarah Con Frattura – By Marco Cucurnia

Anagnorisis – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Jugando Con Fuego – By Nicholas Ortiz

Hikikomori – By Nicolas Seguel Eduardo

Alaska Long Hunters – By Mark Rose

Pithora – By Dinesh Shukla

Sou Do Mar – By Bruno Lemos

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? - By Ana Prickett Braunstein

Not To Forget – By Valerio Zanoli

Agnus Dei – By Agim Sopi

Tainted Rain – By Daniel Stacey

Clear – By Emmet O'brien

Silence – By Manuel Olaya

Unspeakable – By Luís Damas

Winners 2022 - 1st Semester

Best Animation
I’m Here - Director Jennifer Hathaway

Best Tv & Web Series
Incompleteness - Director David Ash

Best Music Video
Hannyta – Wildflower - Submitter Michael Stover

Best Short Screenplay
Death Offers Life - Last Moments Of Vincent Van Gogh - Writer Madhu R

Feature Screenplay
Sushi And Bagels - Writer Virginia Mariposa

Best Documentary
Belle-Ile In Acadie - Director Phil Comeau

Best Short Film – Group #1    
7 Years Art From Berlin "Brückenkunst" 2019 - Director Gilbert Brüning

Best Short Film – Group #2
Suchtpotential - Director Franz Josef Danner

Best Short Film – Group #3
Anthropocene - Submitter Michelle Kössler

Best Feature Film
Full Circle - Director Noel Brady

Best German Short Film
Bésame Mucho & The East Side Gallery Berlin - Director Gilbert Brüning

Best Spanish Short Film
Dajla: Cinema And Oblivion - Director Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Best Spanish Feature Film
Pessoas - Director Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Special Jury Award

Odette - Writer Pascot Sebastien
Prophet - Writer Daniel Corey
The Canvas - Director Salvatore Garau
The Weight Of Time - Director Noel Brady
No Fitness - No Love - Directors Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva
Man With Shadow - Director Ema Kugler
The Divide - Director Ioannis Koutroubis
"Four Motherless Children" - Director Ralph Isenberg
Pamela Hopkins - Givin' A Damn (Don't Go With My Outfit) - Director Sharpe Dunaway

Honorable Mention

There Is Exactly Enough Time - Director Oskar Salomonowitz
Claddagh The Series - Director Alan Duggan
Sun King Rising - Free Will In China Blue - Submitter Michael Stover
Tedi Brunetti "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" - Director B-Mhac
I Am The Candidate - Directors George Ohan, Joseph Eual Messer
Charles Vs. Charlie - Writer Madhu Narayanaswam
Free - Writer Pascot Sebastien
Rumi's Rumba - Director George Kostopoulos
A Nun And An Officer - Writer James Anthony
Sonoran Saints - Writers John Joseph Sollecito, Jeffrey I Hoppenstand
The Llandudno File - Writer Stephen D Floyd
Mapogo The Lion - Submitter Patrick Craddock
Yah-Ko - Writer Jamie Sutliff
Bad Asses - Writer Maxwell Highsmith
All Short Films About Brückenkunst - Director Gilbert Brüning
The Show Must Go On - Director Jason Durgana
Siete Mil - Director Francesco Semprini 
A Letter To A'ma - Director Hui-Ling Chen
Deliverance - Director Michaël Rué
Laundry Day - Life On The Line - Director Ines Eisses
I Got Your Letter, John Bauer - Director Noel Brady
10 Chinese Prophecy Songs In English - Director Shihyun Wang    
The 7 Lives Of Sara Blanchard - Director Kevin Ruiz
A Chit Tu - Director Dylan Chow
The Promenade - Director Nico Falcone Georgiad
The Pandemic Dances - Director Richard Daniels
Transforming The Landscape - Directors Raquel Tardin, Paulo Maia
Wolves - Director Antonis Morgan Konstantoudakis
Itlu Amma - Director Umamaheswara Rao C

Winners 2021

Best Animation

Pensioners Chips Episode 5 – By Joachim Weber – Germany


Best TV & WEB Series

Shakespeare Republic – The Lockdown Chronicles – By Sally McLean – Australia


Best Short Film - Group #1

Daddy´s Note – By Gavin Irvine – United Kingdom


Best Short Film - Group #2

Dark Hearts – By Kevin Van Stevenson – United States


Best Spanish Short Film

Arizona 1878 – By Manuel Olaya - Spain


Best Music Video

Lovemaking – By Tereza Hirsch – Czech Republic


Best Documentary - Group #1

Tremors – Making Perfection – By Matthew Snead – United Kingdom

Best Documentary - Group #2

Alaska Long Hunters – By Mark D. Rose – United States


Best Short Screenplay – By Joan Barrett – Canada


Best Feature Screenplay

Legal Passion – By James Jones – United States


Best Feature Film

Stolen Season – By Pascal Payant – Canada


Special Jury Awards

Beholder – By Peter Hardy – United States

Father of a Broken Angel – By Dhiney Ramos – Netherlands

2020 – By JC Little - Canada

We Are Here – By Fadi Awad – Canada

Occam´s Razor – By Ranjit Singh – Canada

Jesus God – Jesus Man – By Goldie Smitlener – Canada

Student Fitness – By Yuri Maslak & Olga Tugaeva – Russian Federation

Can't Go Home Again – By Anthony J. Cook – United Kingdom
The High Tea – By Carmanie Bhatti – United States


Honorable Mention


Pressure Play – By Eric Bizzarri – Canada

Hooji – By Marcello Quintella e Boynard – Brazil

Goat Love – By Stephanie Quist – United States

Michiko A3 – By Ryo Kagawa – Japan

Suddenly The Sky – By Erwan Gobilliard – United States

Tell Me Who I Am – By Luca Caserta – Italy

Maribor and Saxophone – By Franc Kopic – Slovenia

The Romans – By Chris Micallef – Malta

Review – By Jonathan Zarantonello – United States