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Winners 2021

Best Animation

Rexxi - Space Cat – By Diana Kennedy


Best Student Film

Passion Couleur Jade – By Gabriel Bogliolo


Best Tv & Web Series

The Cab' – By Simon Thoral, Edouard Blondeau


Best Music Video

Arrogance Bikini – By Sacha Vucinic


Best Short Screenplay

Faces in The Shadow – By Christophe Ledard & Loïc Cazes


Best Feature Screenplay

Bella Loba - By Florence Nahon


Best Documentary

Built Lands – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero


Best Short Film #1

Daddy’s Note – By Gavin Irvine


Best Short Film #2

Do You Like Poetry? - By Eduardo Mattos


Best Feature Film

Agnus Dei – By Agim Sopi


Best French Short Film

Nemesis – By Maxime Hollenweger


Best French Feature Film

Meet Her – By Raphaël Kirgo


Best French Documentary

Waiting For Jean Paul – By Peter/Son


Best Asian Short Film
Exchange Offer – By Saunak Mitra


Best Asian Feature Film

Left Of Chopin – By Yoshino Takemoto


Best Photography

Dolce Sconfitta – By Marco Cucurnia





To Glory Land – By Fadi Awad

Unseen – By Naïma Pöhler

The Lamplighter – By Pamela Hanson
A Letter to my Dad- By Ibrahim Selman

Tell me Who I Am – Luca Caserta

A martyr of the pen – By Alan Hamwan

Proofs From The Past - By Christophe Ledard

The Last Witness By Piotr Szkopiak

Out of Time – By Delphine Montaigne

Charon – By Yannick Karcher

Armenia(s), Time for Artists – By Anahit Mesropian & David Vital-Durand

Safari Park – By Michaël Massias
The Canvas - By Salvatore Garau



Fake News – By Joachim Weber
The Very Special Day – By Hayatto
Wiener Dog Blues: Longfellow In Concert – By Linda Shayne
Oh Deer – By Jhih Yuan Tseng, Romain Guiton, Thibault Widehem, Pauline Duthoit
Lea’s Secret – By Rico Gutierrez
ON / OFF – By Nicolas P. Villarreal
The Boy and The Mountain – By Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal​​

Inheritance – By kevin Starnino
Bonne Conduite – By Théo Semeteys
The Necklace – By Shirelle Edery
Sentience – By Guillaume Bierry
In Other News – By Ivan D. Ossa
Nafas – By Robert Mesnil​​

Classified : The Time Traveler – By Mikis Fernandez
The honey Trapper : Season 2 – By Felise Garcia
#richieneedsawife – By Rich Devaney
Incompleteness – By David Ash
Vertu – By Fabien Dufils​
Straight Into The Ocean – By Carolyn Laws
Spiritual Level – By J. D. Macias
Maribor and Saxophone – By Franc Kopic
This is Our Time - By Debra Gussin, Dale Effren​​

Generations - Letter From An Old Father To His Son – By Kevin Starnino
Brûlé·e·s – By Tamara Al Saadi, Matthieu Ponchel
Calling Card – By Peter Hardy
War Bonds – By Mike Mccarthy 
Dog – By Lucas Montal
The Second Death – By Ashlee Bell Caress

​Dr ? - By Lucas Montal 
Rahela – By Agim Sopi
Jesus God - Jesus Man – By Goldie Smitlener 
Face Painters – By Giovanni Sanseviero
Legal Passion – By James K. Jones ​​

Belle-Ile In Acadie – By Phil Comeau 
Her Stories – By Abd Al-Kader Habak 
Gosia@Tomek – By Christine Jezior 
City As Canvas: Above The Free Walls – By Weiying Olivia Huang 
F.E.A.R: Face Everything And Rise – By Manny Bains, Serge Velbovets 
Hatshepsut – By Sonia Machado Hines 
Matty Boy – By Shahid Kamal 
Level 71 – By Peter Salapatas 
Occam’s Razor – By Ranjit Singh 
Nut Cracker – By David Pinkston

​A New York Story – By Paul Schwartz 
This Case & My Life – By Ana P Braunstein ​​

Amazon Queen – By Marlin Darrah 
Man with Shadow – By Ema Kugler 
The Office Job – By Ben Kerns, Martin Lewis 
Chronicles of Her – By Taghrid Abouelhassan, Maysoon Khaled, Rim Mejdi, Emna Najjar, Farah Shaer 
Darking Way – By Zsolt Pozsgal ​
The Bloodbath – By Emmanuel Hamon, Gilles Leroux 
Anna – By Éric Pinéda 
Leaving to Live – By David Rodrigues 
A Real Man – By Aurélien Mathieu 
​Little Bastard – By Harun Hazar 
Freedom Tracks – By Leila A. Pages 
From Star to Star – By Antonio Amaral 
Our Last Summer – By Vincent Orst 

​Recuperation – By Dinesh Shukla 
Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh – By Saheer Abbas
Happy Together – By Sunny Yip 
The Way We Are – By Donald Li
The Winter Solstice – By Chen Chen 
Good Fengshui – By Yurong Xu ​​

Dhumkkudiya – By Nandlal Nayak 
Indu – by Sanjiv Kolte
The Seventh String – By Baharul Islam 
Adharvad – By Suresh Bhavsar 
Kaali Maati - By Hemantkumar Mahale ​

Dolce Sconfitta – By Marco Cucurnia
Holding Hands – By Paul Gatto
Film Folk – By Edward Dose
Another Day in The Office - By Tiago Mesquita
The Obscure Dandelions – By Abdullah Al Kandari