Winners 2021

Best Animation

Re-Animal – By Rubén Garcerá - Spain


Best Student Short Film

Nut Cracker – By David Pinkston – United States


Best Student Short Film (Animation)

Spellbound – By Amelia Parker


Best TV & WEB Series

Rat Run City – By Sam Sharpe – United States


Best Music Video

To Glory Land – By Fadi Awad – Canada


Best Short Screenplay

Bloodline – Elisa’s Story – By Michael Cooper – United Kingdom

Best Feature Screenplay

Review – By Jonathan Zarantonello – United States


Best Documentary
The Romans – By Maurice Micallef – Malta


Best Short Film #1

Suddenly The Sky – By Erwan Gobilliard – United States


Best Short Film #2

Tell Me Who I Am – By Luca Caserta – Italy


Best Short Film in Portuguese Language

Dog Day Morning (Um Dia de Cachorra) – By Emiliano D’Avila – Brazil

Best Asian Short Film

Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh – By Saheer Abbas – India


Best Feature Film
Who is It ? - By Jim Menza – United States


Best Feature Film in Portuguese Language

The Lonely Sailor (Pra Onde Levam as Ondas) – By Dan Albuk – Brazil




Maribor and Saxophone – By Franc Kopic - Slovenia

Loonatoona – By Shockadelic – Australia
Legal Passion – By James Jones – United States

Alaska Long Hunters – By Mark D. Rose – United States

Belle-ile In Acadie – By Phil Comeau - Canada

Goat Love – By Stephanie Quist – United States

Future Italian Frescoes – By Salvatore Gerau – Italy

The Last Milkman – By Jacob Markham – Canada

The Lonely Village (A Aldeia Solitária) – By Carlos Silveira – Portugal

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd – By Uwe Schwarzwalder – Switzerland
Man With Shadow – By Ema Kugler – Slovenia

ON / OFF = By Nicolas Villarreal - Argentina





Student Fitness – By Yuri Maslak & Olga Tugaeva – Russian Federation

Can't Go Home Again – By Anthony J. Cook – United Kingdom

The High Tea – By Carmanie Bhatti – United States
Hatshepsut – By Sonia Machado Hines – United States

Occam´s Razor – By Ranjit Singh – Canada

Love You Too – By Lech Mackiewicz – Poland
Four Motherless Children – By Ralph Isenberg – United States
Banalities (Banalidades) – By Rafael Andrade – Brazil

Gandhi – By Dinesh Shukla – India
Letter to My Family – By Andrés Felipe Ruiz Vargas – Colombia

Out of My Depth – By Ben Tillion – United Kingdom

Summer Years – By Camilla Chasin – United Kingdom

Exchange Offer – By Saunak Mitra – India