Official Selection 2022

19 Angels – By Hoyt Hilsman

1955 – By Martin Melnick

2005 Nights And Days – By Andrzej Dudziński

24/7 - Students Under Pressure – By Holger Rada

2nd Date – By Jaik Andino

7 Years Art From Berlin "Brückenkunst" 2019 – By Gilbert Brüning

7_Minutos – By Christian Schneider

72 Hours – By Christian Durán

A Conclusion - By Sreemon Das

A Cry For Help – By Steven Esteb

A Feast That Never Comes – By Maria Juranic

A Handkerchief's Tale – By Jessica Lau

A Man Without Volition – By Peter Gartner

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? - By Ana A Prickett Braunstein

A Survivor Amongst Survivors – By Alfred Samuels

Addictions – By Sergei Stern

Ahu - By Mahsa Razavi

Alaska Long Hunters – By Mark D. Rose

Alegria, Alegria… - By Andre Schultz, Mauro Heitor Ferreira Da Silva

Almost – By Paul-André Robin

An American Portrait – By Tran Hoang Calvin

Ancestral Land – By Gabriel Bissonnette

Angelica Beltà – By Michael Vincent Montgomery

Apache Leap – By Christian Rozier

Art, Science And A Divan – By Adriana Siqueira Lopes

Bad Love Tigers – By Kevin Schewe

Bandidos And Balentes – By Fabio Manuel Mulas

Bharat Maza Desh Aahe – By Pandurang Krishna Jhadav

Big Bad Wolf – By Martin Munthe

Bilious - By Stephen D Floyd

Bloodlines – By Hoyt Hilsman

Bom Dia Corvo – By Anders Lang

Bompapa – By Annika Maria Udo Winther

Bridge 10-46 – By Dylan Best

Brothers Of Babylon - By Gabriel Womack

Bugged – By Will Akbar

Calculated Risk – By Peta Meredith Boswell

Cantos Espirituais – By Andre Schultz, Eduardo Xocante, Lucas Margutti, Mauro Heitor, Denise Schultz

Checkpoint – By Jana Kattan

Chucrute – Sauerkraut – By Dhiney Ramos

Come Outside, Masha – By Yuliia Shalimova

Cupid Is Not A Terrorist - By Bellopropello

Deliverance – By Michaël Rué

Demented – By Guillermo Cabot

Destructozhanna – By Maksim Kudymov

Devarakanassu- Dream Of God – By Suresh Lakkoor

Dignité(S) – By Katia Crivellari, Jean-Baptiste Kaupp

Dirty Laundry – By Elina Krikunova

Dog - By Federico Alotto

Dot – By Tiffany Frances

Dreaming - By Caitlin Wong

Dust And Fog – By Daniel Corey

Eleanor Rigby – By Erin Hill

Elves Of Owls Head Mountain Series – By Jamie Sutliff

Endless Night – By Hamid Tamjidi

Everlasting Tape – By Haley Keegan

Exodos – By Alessandro Ingaria

Face Painters – By Giovanni Sanseviero

Fake World – By Gabriel Da Silva

Fall In Love With A Yogi – By Diana Chemeris

Fluffypunk – By Thomas Harman

Forget New York – By Andrea Careri

Freeworld – By Richard Cushing

Giri – By Petya Iossifova

Given Up – By Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi

Goons For Hire - The Rise Of Norm - By Shawn L Landrum

Grey -The Spy Who Loved Me – By Raj Madiraju

Gulhar – By Ramesh Choudhary

Haigaz Around The World Atacama - By Rodrigo Polozzi

Happy – By Ivan Rodin

Harper – By Kate Bohan

Harper (Script) – By Kate Bohan, Jiamin Qiu

Heartwood – By Clara Schildhauer, Reyes Fernández

Heza (Strenght) – By Derya Deniz

His Voice – By Ralph Somma

Hocus Focus – By Pravin Dodeja

Home Sweet Home – By Hang (Kimo) Li

How Much For The Exam? Ivica Valentić

I Am Not Like Others - Ivan Rodin

I Killed Elvis – By Wolf Bukowski

I Saw Brasilia Born And Goiânia Grow – By Dhiney Ramos

I See The Light – By Aashish Rego

I Will Wait For You – By Kevin Silva

Implosión – By Erwan Gobilliard

Irina And Nikolai In Lockdown For Eternity – By Johannes Franke

Jakob & Maria – By Christian Schiesser

Just Like Me – By Diana Rhodes

Just Like You – By Kate Bohan

Kid Channon After Dark – By Christopher Starr

Kraamola - About Her – By Alexi Kiselev

Legal Passion - By James Jones

Lem And Mrożek – Reactivation – By Marek Wojtasik

Let Me Fly – By Tahir Khatib

Lipstick Traces – By Mick Lexington

Lonely Season – By Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi

Love Beyond The Grave – By James Mcdonald

Loves Me, Loves Me Not – By Bret Koehler

M.A. - By Ian Chan, Jean-Louis Khaou

Mapogo The Lion – By Patrick Craddock

Mavshi- A Journey Of Emotions – By Ajit Maruti Sable

Mia – By Matthew Townsend

Moipolai – By Tricia L Sello

Mom's War Time Stories – By James Chen

Mrs Lovely – By Alexandre Degardin

My Lover – By K. C. Loy

Najil Aak – By David Díaz

Next Station – By Mohammad Alsheikh

Nick's Adventures In Hollywood – By Vitaly Sumin

No Biscuits In Heaven – By Ruth Finnegan

No, You’re Stupid! - 2 – By Anna Zaytseva

Noise Film – By Merlin Voss

Not To Forget – By Valerio Zanoli

Notre Dame Is In Flames – By Michael David Sollars, Geoffrey Durand Sollars, Eric Gerard Sollars

Now I Am Become Death – By Mick Cooper

Ode To My Father – By Jorge Requena Ramos

Once Upon A Pool – By Adam Swimmer

Òran Na H-Eala – By Steve Exeter

Original Sin – By Andre Schultz, Mauro Heitor Ferreira Da Silva

Otiti – By Ema Edosio Deelen

Outrage – By Todd Davies

Pabratske – By Alexi Kiselev

Papier-Mâché – By Anastasiia Falileieva

Paradise For The Heart – By Ryo Kagawa

Pitágoras De Samos – By Andersen Viana

Project S – By Dirk Anton Besteman, Davied Eliasar

Project Title Directors

Rabbit Girl – By Dan Mcpeake

Rabbit’s Paw – By Nana Djordjadze

Red Omen – By Ed Roman, Nelson Diaz And There Be Dragons Creative Media

Red Sequin – By Erik Sudberg

Remember This Voice – By Jeff Chan

Remembering Momma – By Anthony R Page

Riot In The Meadow – By Thomas Harman

Saffron – By Hamid Tamjidi

Savage Land – By Campbell Dalglish, Dr. Henrietta Mann

Simon Says... - By J. Barrick Griffiths

Singing Competition (Short Musical Comedy Film Pitch) Seema Arora

Snow In August – By Nozomu Namba

So What Can I Do? - By Anna Volkonskaya

Summer – By Chris Garcia

Sun Of A Bitch – By Maxwell Highsmith

Sweat – By David Allain

The Beat – By Mitch Norris, Ron Hardy

The Bird May Die – By Hamid Tamjidi

The Celebration – By Euijin Lee

The Creepers – By Kasha Fauscett

The Exterminator Episode – By Joe Lonesome

The Game The Doubt – By Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi

The Great Perhaps – By Christine Vartoughian

The Hotel – By Alexandr Baluyev

The Last Envelope – By Lalit Kumar Jha

The Pillar Of Strength – By Ayie Ibrahim

The Promenade – By Nico Falcone Georgiadis

The Red String: Act Vii - Capulet's Orchard - By Julio Urdaneta

The Script – By Natalia Arjona

The Skin Of A Dog - Linda Fejzaj Jaupaj, Spartak Pecani

The Sparrow - By Abishek Pande

The Trust Game – By Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes

There Is Exactly Enough Time – By Oskar Salomonowitz

Tiger Is Strolling Around – By Anastasiia Falileieva

Time Slip – By Paulina Aly

To Meet Esther – By Anna Eret

Toil And Trouble – By Kira Davis

TransFORMING The Landscape – By Raquel Tardin, Paulo Maia

Trapped In The Hood – By Robert Boyd, Lucinda Boyd

Triangle – By Cataldo De Palma

Truth Will Set You Free – By Paulo Chambino

Tunnel – By Akın Güngör

Twenty-Nine – By Rob Ciano

Unlocked – By Thomas Sheriff

Virtuoso Angeles – By Tina Zimmer

Wendy Comes Home - By Chris Fell

When The Rain Stops - By Guillermo Ordás

When You Are Gone – By Rafael Altamira

Why Make A Will? - By Dinesh Shukla