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Our Festival will NOT have a physical ceremony.
On the festival; date we will announce the winners and send the laurels and the certificates.
All selected films will have an online screening during the festival dates.

Australia Film Festival (AFF) awards films in many categories :
Short Film, Feature Film, Documentary, Animation, Student, TV & Web Series, Music Videos and Screenplay.

We want to celebrate the amount of work put into each film. Therefore, the festival rules ensure that each movie is reviewed ethically and with all due care, respect, and attention.


Awards & Prizes

Online Certificates
Transparent Laurels (Black and white)


Winners March 2022:


Fake News - By Joachim Weber


Fluffypunk - By Thomas Harman


The Case - By Patrick House


Straight Into The Ocean - By Carolyn Laws



Foxtail - By Anthony J. Cook, Joe Payne


Face Painters - By Giovanni Sanseviero



Cuba, Libre? - By Dick Jordan


A Martyr of the Pen - By Alan Hamwan


transFORMING the LANDSCAPE - By Raquel Tardin, Paulo Maia


Lens - By Chad Gerber



Shocking Marriage - By Demetrio Casile



Shadowland - By Bellopropello

Daddy's Note - By Gavin Irvine

Incompleteness - By David Ash

Bellaria - By Cécile Nordegg, Patryk Senewicki

Poems by two emperor poets - By Shihyun Wang

Pithora - By Dinesh Shukla

La Natura - By Kilian Seavers

Am Rande der Zeiten - By Jörg Reichlin
My Gypsy Road - By Vilma Kartalska    
Hobgoblin Gennel - By James Fitzmaurice

The Snake Pit - Episode 4: "Nikola Tesla's Excellent Adventure" - By Caitlin Major


72 Hours – By Christian Durán

A Chit Tu – By Dylan Chow

A Father's Diary – By Golam Mustofa

A Letter To A'ma – By Hui-Ling Chen

A Real Tribute To Martyrs – By Shailesh Patel, Atul Soni

A Summers Day At Sherwood Park – By Conor Forrest

A Time I've Been Through – By Silviu Radu

A World Without You,Katsuhide Yamago

Addictions – By Sergei Stern

Afterwards – By Marcello Quintella E Boynard

Agnus Dei – By Agim Sopi

Akwaaba The Awakening – By Sybil D. Jatta

Alaska Long Hunters – By Mark Rose

All The Wrong Things In The Right Places – By Peter Sacco

Always Keep Positive – By Till Vill

Anagnorisis – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Ant – By Mateo Røssevold Christensen

Arizona 1878 – By Manuel Olaya

Ark: A Return To Robson Valley – By Michael B Macdonald

Autumn - Melbourne Australia – By Lawrence Gerver

Bandidos And Balentes – By Fabio Manuel Mulas

Because You're Dead To Me – By Chris Maruna

Belle-Ile In Acadie – By Phil Comeau

Bharat Maza Desh Aahe – By Pandurang Krishna Jhadav

Black Collar – By Gwenyth Rogers

Blight – By Maryam Chekoofi

Blue Eyes – By Peter Gould

Boy Scientist – By Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Bridge 10-46 – By Dylan Best

Bruce Wayne Begins – By Kevin Ruiz

Built Lands – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Can't Go Home Again – By Anthony J. Cook

Case #3809 - The Eldritch Mortician – By Jose Evangelista

Chapter Two – By Claudia Bento, Glenn Smith

Choir Girl – By John Fraser

Cleanse – By Patrick T Peni

Common Census – By Anson Williams

Compel – By Patrick Coleman Duncan

Considerations Of A Woman With The ""D"" In A Smaller Letter – By Marco Cucurnia

Crazy Bird Lady – By Suneeta Misra

Crossroad Ahead – By Faiz Khan

Crowded – By Nathania Rubin

Dajla: Cinema And Oblivion – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Danny De La Paz – By George Ortega, Ricardo Ortega

Dark Hearts – By Kevin Van Stevenson

Death Offers Life - Last Moments Of Vincent Van Gogh – By Saheer Abbas

Decision To Ask Why – By Scott Hellon

Deliverance – By Michaël Rué

Demented – By Guillermo Cabot

Demond The Movie – By Antonio M Hutton

Dhumkkudiya – By Nandlal Nayak

Dia De Los Muertos – By George Ortega, Ricardo Ortega

Dieabolical – By Ray Brady

Dirty Laundry – By Florence Hwang

Divine Intervention – By Peter Gould

Donate An Eye. Don't Be Shy! - By Shailesh Patel, Atul Soni

Early For Work – By Brian De Christopher

Eloise Lou – By Marc Baradat

Elyaz – By Mauro Elias Morone

End Vaw (Violence Against Women) – By M Riz

Endless Night – By Hamid Tamjidi

Espresso Yourself – By Raza Mallal

Exchange Offer – By Saunak Mitra

Fall In Love With A Yogi – By Diana Chemeris

Famous Gays And Lesbians...Alleged And Otherwise – By Thomas Connelly

Five Eyes Bug – By Karan Dhillon

Four Motherless Children – By Ralph Isenberg

Friday Night Fish – By Conor Forrest

Fruitville – By Larry Horrell

Full Circle – By Noel Brady

George Floyd: Say Their Names – By Christopher R. Owens, Alyssa Dann

Gianerica – By Luicenne Lanaz

Girl Next – By Larry Carrell

Good Girl – By Leah Marie Welch

Grandmas & Ladybugs – By Legrand Leseur

Great News – By Taiwo Oduala

Gulhar – By Ramesh Choudhary

Happy Together – By Sunny Yip

Harvest Time – By Anson Williams

Hell In A Handbasket – By Lee Chambers

Her Own End – By Dani Ben Halevi

Her Stories – By Abd Al-Kader Habak

Herma – By Beauron Eric

Hidden Wounds – By Brenda Cardinal

Histoire De Love – By Seema Arora

Home Sweet Home – By Hang (Kimo) Li

How To Make Synthetic Nature / Omodaka – By Symbiosis

How To Make Synthetic Nature 2 / Omodaka – By Manami Sakamoto

I Got Your Letter, John Bauer" – By Noel Brady

I Have Surfing – By Francisco Laranjinha

If I Could Find One Word – By Ryo Kagawa

In Quarantine – By Jeremy Collado

India Fights Corona – By Faiz Khan

Isn’t That Just My Life – By Michael Montano, Richard Kuhlman

It Gets In Your Blood – By Ed Hartman

It Looks Like Rain – By Biriz Aydinç Öztüzemen

Itlu Amma – By Umamaheswara Rao C

Jazz John – By Michael Thomas Cain

Jindagani – By Vinayak Bhikajirao Salve

Ladies Of Lowriding, Meet Sandy – By George Ortega, Ricardo Ortega

Lahza - A Moment – By Noel Bassil

Last Day – By Rich Hansil

Laundry Day - Life On The Line – By Ines Eisses

Laure In America – By Andrew Essig

Level 71 – By Peter Salapatas

Lonely Season – By Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi

Long Paths – By António José De Lemos Ferreira

Lothar From Rascal To World Artist – By Dhiney Ramos

Love Of Silence – By Tsai, Han-Yun, Chen, Zhi-Ling

Lovemaking – By Tereza Hirsch

Luigi Romano – By Conor Forrest

Making Peace – By Judah Ray

Mala Udayla Yete – By Munnawar Shamim Bhagat

Man With Shadow – By Ema Kugler

Meet Me In My Dreams – By Errol Teichert

Memories Of Warsaw - Robert Webster

Mercy – By Nalani Williams

Mertin Beaver Interview - Cows, Mars, Chinese, Global Warming – By Russell Geary

Michiko A3 – By Ryo Kagawa

Michiko/Inorinohana – By Ryo Kagawa

Midwater – By Stephane Fiorenza

Mine To Have – By Dianne Ouellette, Traci Foster

Moipolai – By Tricia L Sello

Moksha – By Narayan R Dixit

Monster Proof – By Chaz Lewis

Mountain Bear – By Jeremy Northcote

Moving Past...Goodbye – By Arielle Keach-Tremblay

Night At The Milonga – By Svetlin Mitrev

Not Your Average Bear – By Cliff Skelton

Notes From The New World,Vitaly Sumin

Nut Cracker – By David Pinkston

Oatmelio's By Michael Thomas Cain

Occam's Razor – By Ranjit Singh

On / Off – By Nicolas P. Villarreal

Our Dog, Blue – By Conor Forrest

Outrage – By Todd Davies

P-Paisyancha (P For Penny) – By Faiz Khan

Pandemic Academy – By Gökhan Evecen

Perenne – By Roberto Garo

Pessoas – By Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Phoenix – By Alexandre Bilardo

Pledge To Protect – By Suresh Zhade Bhavsar

Private Insanities – By Jimmy Adrian Velarde

Radio Taxi 1991 - Night Shift In Berlin – By Steffen Holzkamp

Rangiley Funter – By Nishant Natharam Dhapse

Re-Animal – By Rubén Garcerá

Reading Jiaoxing Village I – By Ang Gao

Recuperation – By Dinesh Shukla

Reflections – By Allen Smithee, Jr.

Reflexion – By Alan Bidard

Remembering Kindertransport – By Dick Jordan

Riot In The Meadow – By Thomas Harman

Sammy & Quinn – By Christopher Coppola

Scammed – By Jo Teh

Selftherapy – By Mohammad Hossein Zalbak, Ben Cyran

Shave To Reborn – By Ellen Pun

Silence – By Manuel Olaya

Smashed – By Kate Twa

Snake – By Perry Schwartz

Souvenirs – By Tom Varisco

Still In Love – By Karan Dhillon

Strange Uncle Gerry – By Peter Evanchuck

Student Fitness – By Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva

Suchtpotential – By Franz Josef Danner

Surreal – By Diego Campessi

Swordsman – By Shlomit Carmeli, Raphael Carmeli

Tawny Eyes – By Irene Salvador

Tell Me Who I Am – By Luca Caserta

The 7 Lives Of Sara Blanchard – By Kevin Ruiz

The Beast Inside My Head – By Florence Hwang

The Bird May Die – By Hamid Tamjidi

The Book Of Curses – By Iouri Goroulev

The Boy And The Mountain – By Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal

The Burning Red – By Fabrizio Ancillai

The Call – By Ryan Jafri

The Canvas – By Salvatore Garau

The Cat – By Mary Apick

The Cat The Mouse And The Sausage – By Joel Simon

The Chair – By Ronnie Cramer

The City Of Abysses – By Priscyla Bettim, Renato Coelho

The Disease Detective Looks At Friedreich's Ataxia – By Laura P. Valtorta

The Drop – By Narayan R Dixit

The Endless Journey – By Priscyla Bettim, Renato Coelho

The Eve – By Luca Machnich

The Game The Doubt – By Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi

The Gap Between Her Legs – By Betty Jiang

The Gunslinger – By Alexander Lindman

The High Tea – By Carmanie Bhatti

The Implausible – By Cynthia Cazanas-Garin

The Incomplete Tale Of Satyaprakash Paramkovid – By Saurabh Shukla

The King And Me – By Dave Blackburn, Curt Lafurney"

The Legend Of Coughing Cuthbert's Treasure – By Patrick Cormack

The Madonna Complex: More Than Sex – By Peter Andrew Sacco

The Out-Fit – By Maty Young

The Promenade – By Nico Falcone Georgiadis

The Promise – By Christopher Kennedy

The Reburial Of Jackie Brett – By Kevin Hughes

The Seed Of Consequences – By Tony Severe

The Seed Of Hope – By Nando Morra

The Seventh String – By Baharul Islam

The Sky Is The Limit – By Mirka Anderson

The Snake Pit - Episode 1: "Tesla's Ac Induction Motor – By Brett Jubinville

The State Of Texas Vs. Melissa – By Sabrina Van Tassel

The Treaty Of Covid-19 – By Andy Winstead

The Trial And The Tribulations Of Sally – By Ed Casey , Alex Veros

The Unlost Homeland – By Eftychia Fragou

The Waters Of Babylon – By Berfi Dicle Ogut

The Weight Of Time – By Noel Thomas Brady

The World Creator's Films Logo – By Ryo Kagawa

The Wrong Guy – By Martin Sofiedal

This Case & My Life – By Ana A P Braunstein

Three Stops,"Tati Golykh – By Anton Ernst"

Thumb Wrestler – By Michael Thomas Cain

Tom Tikka Doormat – By Elina Suominen

Tooth Fairies In Quarantine – By David P Levin

Treat Others With Respect - End Bullying – By M Riz

Truth Be Told: Irving Norman And The Human Predicament – By Ray Day

Tunnel – By Akın Güngör

Type Cast – By Rick Groleau

Tyrannosaur And The Secret Garden – By Joey Lever

Umoya – By Jason Sterling

Unhappy – By Thomas Goersch

Unspeakable – By Luís Damas

Utopia – By Indrasis Majumdar, Aishwarya Nidhi Gaur

Villa – By Mick Child, Em-J Smith

Viral Vignettes – By David Levin, Anson Williams, Jenny Leona, Don Most

Wadayaze,"Grohmann – By Dieter Michael

Walks – Bu Al J. Moran

Walledwithin – By Scot Hellon

Walledwithout – By Scott Hellon

We Are Here - By Fadi Awad

What A Dream It Would Be A Different World – By Paolo Milocco

What I Want To Say, Burn! *" - By Luís Damas

When You Are Gone – By Rafael Altamira

Where Are You – By Simone Chierici

Who Calls The Trains - By David Gollob, Sarah Colombani

With Love To Tornatore – By Marco Cucurnia

Year Zero, The Series-The Beginning, Time Trip -Time Travel And Quantum Death – By Isaac Rodriguez

You Feel Me? - By Laura P. Valtorta

Your Call – By Afeez Ahammed

Zoomification – By Jean-Lorin Sterian

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